Apothecary Archive

Dr Gareth Jenkins

Alphabet of stars - after Mallarmé [blue | purple | green | red]

Alphabet of stars - after Mallarmé: [120cm x 90cm] : [paper / Film Font / cotton thread / Perspex - back lit with LED strip light] : [Photo credit: Bob Newman]

These works are part of a 6-part series which use Film-Font to create text-based patterning. The Film-Font is affixed and surrounded by stitching which depicts one version of star constellations. By layering two sheets of Film-Font over one another letters become abstracted and defamiliarised.

All works are backlit by LED strip lighting that cycles through the colour spectrum.


A series of 9 works: [approximate size: 57cm x 70cm] : [paper / photographic negative / photographic paper / dried plant material / stamps/ canvas/ photocopied material / acetate / fly screen / cotton thread - back lit with LED light] : [Photographer credit: Jason Lam].

These works take as their starting point analogue photographic negatives and brings them into play with letters and a range of other materials. The negatives were all taken and developed by my father. Letters take on abstract proportions, adrift and upended in the landscapes of my childhood.

All material is stitched together with the perforations and thread patterning playing both a functional (affixing all materials together) and aesthetic role.

A frill of shaped printmaking paper frames each work.

All works are backlit by white, static LED lighting.

I make my work at Square One Studios.