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Alphabet of Stars


Alphabet of Stars


Alphabet of Stars - After Mallarmé is a 100 page book - each image inside is a reediting of the artwork pictured on the front cover. Cropping and closeups create 100 new artworks from the original concrete poetry image. 

This book was created as part of the international project, BOOK MACHINE, at Art Space in Sydney in September 2017. BOOK MACHINE is an ongoing initiative by onestar press (Paris, France) connecting emerging designers
and public participants through the creation of books.

Original Artwork: Alphabet of blue stars - after Mallarmé: [120cm x 90cm] : paper / Film Font / cotton thread / Perspex - back lit with LED strip light.

lphabet of Stars is part of a series of 6 art works which use Film-Font to create concrete poetry through text-based patterning and sewing. The Film-Font is affixed and surrounded by stitching which depicts one version of star constellations. By layering two sheets of Film-Font over one another letters become abstracted and defamiliarised.

All works are backlit by an LED strip light that cycles through the colour spectrum.

Alphabet of Stars has appeared in exhibitions in Sydney and regions. 

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